About BNotro

Founded in 2010 in response to the new mobile market, we have our roots in earlier generations of mobile technology.

Our company is proud to be Australian and has global interests.

We are physically based in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, Australia.

In our customers words

“Highly recommended, Knowledgable, Very helpful and patient, Definitely use them again, Went above and beyond my expectations, Flexible, Efficient, Excellent, Fantastic service, Brilliant.”

(From a review of 50 recent jobs.)

Name History

In the hunt for a suitable company title, Robert Brooker, Chris Nicholls and others explored over sixty potential names. All of these were rejected before Chris proposed the accepted name, BNotro. This combines B from Brooker, N from Nicholls and a few other letters: O-T-R-O (later discovered to be a great sounding word from the Spanish language meaning 'another', which we hold to represent 'working together' with all those who form the BNotro community).

(from BNotro Board Resolution E per 2010-10-03/2014-03-06​)

BNotro Name & Pronunciation

BNotro is pronounced as follows:



International Phonetic Alphabet​(IPA) 

/bənɒtroʊ/    BNotro
/b/    ​buy, big
/ə/​    apart, pilot (letter name: schwa, a short weak vowel sound)
/n/    nothing, funny
/ɒ/    ​pot, lot (letter name: a; specifically turned-script a)
/t/​    top, letter
/r/    ring, arrange
/oʊ/​    low, phone (first letter name: o; second letter name: upsilon)

IPA Reference:
http://www.speechmatters.com.au/IPA.html (Website)

As Written

When writing the BNotro name is represented as follows:

General:    BNotro



Software applications programmed for mobile phones, tablets and even notebooks have become known as 'apps'. The mobile market is not new - it has existed for many decades. In 2009 we witnessed the introduction of the Apple's iPhone which has help popularise apps and the desire for them. 

We would love to chat with you if you need a mobile app developed. 

We have released a variety of apps to different app stores.

We currently work with a number of people to help maintain an existing app.

We advise people on the best way to get their app built. 

Mobile software development is our core business at this time, though we have years of experience with web, desktop and servers. We've programmed in over 300 programming languages for over 30 years or more (we typically use 5-10 of these languages regularly). Mobile apps are generally quite different from desktop apps in what works well.

When building apps, we can work with you in several different ways: have someone else build the app, build the app ourselves, research an alternative approach, or simply sit down and have a chat, it all depends on your needs. 

Drop us a line when you're ready.

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