Publish your mobile application with help from a coach

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Your app is ready for release into the wild but you're busy and don't need the added learning curve of publishing to the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Simplify and streamline the process with the live one-on-one help of an expert.

“An app is never fully finished, just released. It needs to work, not be perfect.”
— Andrew Kingdom

Recommended Checklist (in order) Description Included or not?
Simple App Review Is your app ready for release? Extra
Developer Account Setup Do you have a developer account yet? Extra
Testing Have you tested your app with other people? Extra
Digital File Build the app digital binary file for upload. Included
Upload Upload the file to the store. Included
Issues Solving any significant technical issues. Extra
Listing Preparing the store information page. Included
Listing text Help to write or improve the app description. Included
Listing screenshots Help to capture and upload pictures of the app. Included
Listing video Creating a video of the app in use (recommended) Extra
Submission Submitting the app for approval and release. Included
Advertising Help to advertise the app. Extra
Submission Rejection Help to clarify why your app was not accepted, and what needs to be done to fix it. Extra
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