Candy for Bears

TOM has been a very naughty bear.
According to a local tribe of ants,
Tom damaged their nest searching for candy.
Tom says the candy is his.

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The Story Continues...

Tom's bear cub sister, Alice, is respected by the ants. She was not at all surprised when a young ant scurried up to her.

"Alice, we have been friends for a long time. Your father Sam, your mother Pam and your family have always looked after the ants. We are offended that your brother Tom came and STOLE from our colony, dug for candy that we buried, which was RIGHTFULLY OURS and LAWFULLY COLLECTED.
"We went into your house, into Tom's room and found an open jar of candy. So we took it out and carried it all the way back to the colony. Isn't that our right as ants? It is only polite that you seal a jar with a lid if you want to keep it? If it's too much effort and well sealed then we won't open it, but if the lid is loose, well of course we're going to prise it open and get in there. So if it's completely wide open like that Tom's jar then of course I am going to go back to the colony to be the leader of the candy capture campaign. I told Mama that there was an opportunity for a grand feast. So she sent me with a thousand of our soldiers to carry away the contents of the whole jar and store it deep in our colony."

The ant's eyes were nearly popping out of its red face as it told her what happened next.

"This bear Tom came and started DIGGING in our SACRED colony and our honor has been INSULTED! How dare ANYONE come and dig in our colony. For a thousand years (or so I've heard our family has never been so totally dishonored.
"True, true. My Mama said not to worry the bears about this but I have TAKEN IT UPON MYSELF to come all the way here on my own to talk to my friend Alice about this OUTRAGEOUS act that TOM has done. FIX IT!"

Alice looked troubled.
"Willie, Willie, how could I know what Tom had done? We're innocent."

Willie ran around in circles, exclaiming
"Nonsense. How can you say you're innocent when you're not."

Alice poked him gently with her paw.
"Willie, we've been friends for a long time. Give us a chance to look into this. Can I ask my brother about this?"

Tom jumped down from the tree and landed on the ground with a loud STOMP of his feet.
"Willie is lying! How dare he come and steal my candy. The lid was only off for a few seconds. How dare you, Willie, bring thousands of ants into my room to come and raid my candy jar? I... I have every right to come and dig it back up again."

At this point, Tom's mother Pam sat down and spoke in a pacifying voice.
"Settle down everyone, please. Settle down everyone. Come on, Willie. You're a young ant like my cubs and you're not going to cause trouble here. This is a matter best left to adults. Have your mother or father come to discuss this matter with us? Why have you come alone to discuss this matter?
Pam continued,
"Why is your mother the queen ant not represented on this? Are you here, young Willie, to provoke my cubs to get angry? Don't provoke them please."

The ant was furious. His pride was even more insulted.

Sam, Tom's father, put down his sandwich and said in a loud voice,
"Go home Willie and leave us alone. If you want this issue raised, ask your mother to raise it to the Council as we have always done. I'm sitting here to enjoy this picnic with my family. How dare you come and interrupt our peaceful time. Here, take as many grapes as you can carry and go home."

Willie put his fists on his hips and stood as tall as he could.
"My honor has to be restored."

Sam roared,
"Honor? What do little ants, little junior ants, know about honor, little junior ants who do not follow the protocols of your family that have been in place a thousand years. You have come out of turn to talk to my youngest cub. How dare you come here and speak like this to me and my family, GET AWAY HOME THIS INSTANT."

Tom looked first at his father, then at the distant ants nest towards which young ant Willy was scurrying.

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