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Not all tablets come with a built-in calculator, which is why we built this one.
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About Calculator Advertising Free

By the BNotro team 2019

Our calculator is made to be friendly to people with low vision (it is high contrast) and low concentration (there are no distracting advertisements).

Key Functions

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .  Number entry
±  Change number sign (between positive and negative)
+ - x ÷ =  Add, subtract, multiply, divide and result (equals)
del  Delete the right-most character
C  Clear the displayed number to zero. Press twice to clear the entire sum.
%  Percentage. This divides the displayed number by 100. Example: to get one percent of five hundred you would enter  500  x  1 % =  which displays the result 5
EXP  Exponent. This moves the decimal point left or right. Example: to enter the number 2000000, you can press 2 EXP 6 = which gives you two followed by six zeros.
M+ M- MR MC  Add to memory, subtract from memory, recall memory, clear memory. The memory functions work with a separate number store. Example: 12 x 7 = M+ saves the number 84 into memory. Press C twice to clear the sum. Press MR to recall the value again. 3 M- subtracts 3 from the value in memory, storing 81 in memory. Press C then MC to clear memory to zero (MR switches to MC immediately after you press C).
  Square Root. This gives you the number that can be multiplied by itself to get the original number. Example: 25 √ displays the result 5, because 5 x 5 = 25. As a less-used function, square root only appears when you rotate your tablet or phone to wide (landscape) orientation. This is to save space.


Tip: Copy or paste a value by tapping the number displayed at the top. A separate keyboard pops up. Select the number immediately above the keyboard and hold down for copy or paste options. (And yes, you can paste in sums though this is not officially supported.)

For questions or suport, please let us know via our community page.