Data Backup Basics

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Data Backup Questions

By Andrew Kingdom

If your computer data storage fails sixty seconds from now, how long would it take for your business to be back to normal?

If your last backup was a month ago, could you afford to lose a month's worth of information?

Are your backups actually working – can you in fact restore information from your backups?

These are questions I find useful to help clients form a clearer idea of their needs. Some people rarely need data backups; a physical copy may be sufficient. Others rely on their information such that they will struggle to stay in business if it fails.

A small Melbourne-based business lost an important contract when a computer’s storage failed, losing the client’s data. They had no backup copy.

A medium Melbourne-based business had over 50 servers fail simultaneously. As the business had data backups, most services could be restored within a day.

A small Adelaide-based medical business had their computer’s data storage fail. They had no backup of the data but have engaged a data recovery service.

In our own office, the data storage in one of our computers failed only a few minutes before writing this. No one is immune to data failure: it's a matter of when, not whether they will occur. 

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