Working from Home

It takes time to adjust to new challenges

Here are some further suggestions to consider:


- Set up a specific work area for yourself
- Establish a regular routine for yourself
- Schedule in regular breaks to relax and refocus
- Get a comfortable, adjustable chair
- Get exercise—you'll likely be walking around less often than at work
- Avoid repetitive injury—especially computer or desk related
- Make a physical list of who to get help from when you need it
- For help with any technology matters, please Contact BNotro (
- In Australia, for help with anxiety concerns you can contact (13 11 14) or (1300 224 636


- Visitors—Ensure your home is safe for yourself and work-related visitors or colleagues
- Schedule in regular contact with colleagues
- Interruptions—can you get back to them later in the day?
- Scams—Be aware of scams targeting people working at home
- Anti-virus—On your computer, have good anti-virus software


- Find out your employer's expectations of you for working from home
- Does your employer have a working at home policy document?
- What does your employer consider appropriate behaviour while at home, especially on the phone or via computer?


- Occupational Health and Safety (does your home need a review?)
(See Workplace health and safety)
- What confidential information do you need to protect access to (Privacy, client details, business finance, etc).
(See Office of the Australian Information Commissioner)
- What of your employer's information are you permitted to make or keep?
- Who legally owns things you create—your employer (usually) or yourself?


- What running expenses can be claimed as a tax deduction?
- What running expenses will your employer reimburse?
- Are you accountible for any money you may handle?
- Who pays if equipment gets damaged?
- Are you covered under your employer's insurance?
- Do you need any extra insurance and who will pay for it? 
- In Australia, for help making informed decisions for financial wellbeing you can visit

Hopefully you found this useful.
We'd love to hear from you with any essentials we've missed.

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