Alphabet Swipe (Educational)

Learn the alphabet with Alphabet Swipe, our most popular interactive educational software product for children and non-English speakers.


New Edition this week

BNotro plans to release a new edition by 1st August 2021 for Android and iOS.

Early preview of the new version – some features will change.


How to Help

Learning a language can be a struggle for most people, let alone those with special learning difficulties. At BNotro we love helping learners in practical ways, but this cannot be done without the ongoing support of selfless individuals and organisations.

We rely on the generosity of people such as you to ensure that we can continue to operate Alphabet Swipe and the benefits it brings to children and adult learners alike.

If you feel you can help in any of the following ways, please message us. We cannot do this without you. BNotro makes certain that every donation is used efficiently and effectively, to the maximum degree possible, where it is most needed.

We encourage you to share in our mission to enable a better learning experience for people.

Donate money via Donorbox – a respected donation service used in over 40 countries.

• Donate time – not everyone is able to contribute funding and there are many opportunities to help in other ways: Message us for more details. (Promoting Alphabet Swipe to your local school or mothers group, suggestions for improvements, translating into other languages, voice recording, artistic skills, and much more.)


Most Valued Contributors

Joshua Hart (father, software developer, veteran)
found that existing alphabet apps were too complicated for his child. He made Alphabet Swipe and later sold it to BNotro to continue this legacy.

Julianne Miller (parent, teacher and educational specialist)
has brought key educational insights to the updated Alphabet Swipe:

It is going to help many children I’m certain.
What a meaningful contribution to early literacy development.

Julianne Miller
Special Educational Needs


Supporting Alphabet Swipe

Your support will help Alphabet Swipe stay available for yourself, your children, your school and so on.

For the latest information, please visit Alphabet Swipe on Facebook.